Mikalia Ghost Front and Back

Photo Of Mikalia Ghost

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News Report 8/7/2014Edit

12 Year old Mika found dead in her home at her game chair at 6:00 PM, Her eyes had been removed and her hands had been cut off, a knife was found at the scene and the police heard static on the computer, a picture of a white skin, grey dress, bloody hands, no eyes, red bow minecraft skin, a mouth had appeared on the skin and it said: "I'm sorry god...i didn't mean to play Minecraft too much..." the computer shut off and wouldn't turn back on. But every August 7th at 6:00 PM...a picture of that same minecraft skin pops up on the computer and says the exact same thing every year...but on the day that the she died the sentence ended with: "My name is now Mikalia Ghost...". (A lesson for kids who play Minecraft too much XD)

Extra InfoEdit

She can be found on these servers when name changing is implemented in Minecraft:

Hypixel, Mineplex, Woodycraft, The Hive, Foxcraft, CubeCraft, Wynncraft, Uberminecraft, Voidcraft.

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