Minecraft News Flash, 29-9-14 Edit

Mysterious Minecraft players found at the scene of a griefing on the cubecraft creative server, suspects are as follows: DrMikeD, andyroo2012, nosna50, A Pig , milessoto0, jackmonster00, BantRander, LunarRider , Bodil40 (bodil was not actually there but he was still a suspect). Here are their explanations of why they're not the greifer(s) in question in order. DrMikeD: "I swear I'm not the griefer! LunarRider is! I swear! I saw her placing TNT on the roof!". andyroo2012: "It was Bodil...". nosna50: "IT WAS THE PIG!!!". A Pig: "Oink (IT WAS WINDYSPIDER! I'M TELLING YOU!)". milessoto0: "Whats going on?". Jackmonster00: "It was Luna...". BantRander: "Um...i don't have time for this...". LunarRider: "Um...why am i here? I'm a detective and first class archer...i don't get whats going on...*Whispers:It was BODIL* by the way pig, its LunarRider.". Bodil40: "*With his outrageous accent* Um..what is going on? I was supposed to be recording with sky...". Results are as follows: LunarRider seems a little suspicious blaming a famous seems as if she is trying to cover up tracks...

Minecraft News Flash, 30-9-14 Edit

The next day after the police had gotten to the scene, the building that had been griefed had been rebuilt! The police are baffled, but there was a note that was signed by Luna R. Rider. Nobody had heard from Luna R. Rider since that moment ever again(or did they?).

(THIS IS NOT A TRUE STORY AND IT SHOULD NOT BE BELIEVED BY ANYONE, This LunarPasta was brought to you by LunarRider) Edit

Minecraft News Flash, 11-12-14 Edit

3 Monthes later LunarRider confesses to being the greifer but this is, as i quote, exactly what she said. "It was only a little joke, i swear, i even rebuilt it, i am also now a paranormal investigator (which is actually kinda half-true irl) so you have no right to arrest me."